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Independent self-healing research Institute - IRIA

​IRIA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that can receive donations and legacies. Its challenge is to disseminate and communicate to the scientific community as well as to the general public, the research work resulting from the multidisciplinary group working in the field of Self-Healing. It also aims to financially support the project in its needs.


​Study day of the self-healing project

May 5, 2022

Find the HOMEOCSS project

By following this link

Foule applaudissant
Podium de conférence
Les mains rouges

​The Institute

SIREN : 849 315 577
SIRET : 849 315 577 00015
Start date: 11.02.2022
President: Emmanuella Di Scala
Treasurer: Dalila Kessouar

Object of the Institute

ARTICLE 2: The purpose of this organization is to help with the dissemination and national and international communication of the scientific results of the Self-healing research project, it is also intended to financially support the project in its needs.

​Make a donation

​1) You can make a crowdfunding donation online by clicking below.

2) You can also make a donation by post in the form of checks to the following address: IRIA - 3B rue des Moulins - 21000 Dijon

Contact Independent Research Institute on Self Healing IRIA

3B rue des moulins - 21000 Dijon

Merci pour votre envoi !

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